Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little Word goes a long way

God is my everything and I find my heart often on Him. Find myself praying frequently, or just whispering thanks throughout the day.

But my head is a problem. I constantly have to work to keep my mind renewed to God's ways instead of my selfishness. One simple way I do this is to take a few moments to read from the Bible each morning.

For me, this puts life for that day into perspective.

As I mentioned the other day when we were talking here at Kingdom Bloggers about our devotions , I often will find myself reading the same verses for a few days. It's like it takes a while for it to sink in deep. Then there will come a point when I feel a release to move on. I find that those verses I meditate on for a bit each morning become apart of how I think, how I approach situations in my life.

I'm so grateful for the Word. I never cease to be amazed at how relevant it is. Never cease to be amazed at how God's spirit opens up familiar passages to me in a new light as I look to Him.


Joyce said...

Sometimes we think that repetition leads to a familiarity that causes us to just go through the motions, rather than it sinking in our spirit. However, I find more and more that repetition and meditation are meaningful disciplines that cause the Word to not only sink in my spirit but change me.
Great blog!

David-FireAndGrace said...

You know, one day I hope to have time to be like this. Thanks for the inspiration Tracy.