Thursday, March 17, 2011

The battlefield of the mind

Most of my experience with spiritual warfare have centered in the mind; centered in my mind. There's been two main types of experiences I've encountered; one is what I call the late night assaults, and the other is lies.

I don't know if it's because I get physically tired, or because the hardships of the day start to take the toll by the end of the day, or what, but I've often encountered what I used to think were intense emotions toward the end of the day. I've since come to see these intense emotions as spiritual attacks; those feelings of loneliness, failure, and hopelessness absolutely do not line up with the Word of God, so I know they are not true.

Joyce made a really good point in her post yesterday about how we need to be prepared, so that when attacks come, we can experience victory. As I'm faithful to read from the Word each morning and meditate on scripture here and there through out the day, two things happen. I store up resources, and the Holy Spirit uses God's words to transform the way I think. Both of these are helpful because when those assaults come at night, because of the Holy Spirit's transformation of my mind, I can now recognize them for what they are. There was a time in my life when I would believe these emotions. I'd get into thinking about how friendless I was and how lonely I felt, or contemplate all the ways I'd failed in life, or just have a great big there-is-no-hope fest. But now I'm able to recognize these as attacks of the enemy and to sometimes quote God's word back to these thoughts. Or if I'm just too weak for even that, I can at least speak the simple fact aloud that just because I feel something, does not make it true. That emotions are transitory and I chose to base my life on the unchanging Word of God. I can call out to God for help. Then I can do the very practical thing and go to bed. I don't need to get more done that day, my body needs rest.

Late night assaults are different from lies because lies aren't as emotionally charged, but they just might be more insidious. There are lies all around me in our culture and lying thoughts that sometimes come to my mind; it really is a battlefield. I think that's why, when God describes His amour in Ephesians 6:10-18 , one of the pieces listed is the belt of Truth. In the King James it actually says to gird your loins withTruth. I've always found that interesting since procreation comes through our loins; so it protects me to create from Truth.

What about you, have you ever felt assaulted by intense emotions or lies?


Sincerity said...

I sometimes wonder if some Christians, because of the nature God created in some of us, might be more susceptible to emotional attacks than others.

I know for a fact that people who are shy, quiet, and gentle by nature tend to struggle more with this type of suffering.

I agree that being aware of what thoughts are in our minds is part of the battle. Just noticing what types of things or people can be our personal triggers is a battle.

The next hurdle to overcome is resisting those things or people, even when they could be good things. But I've been learning that Satan can use good things at the wrong time and place to harm me.

Great post! God bless you and may you continue to find victory in Jesus Christ.

RCUBEs said...

And how we are constantly bombarded by the enemies' darts...I'm just grateful that we have God's weapons to use and His Armor. No matter, we know Who is in control! And Who has the victory! Glory be to God. Blessings to you sister Tracy.