Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Loving God Enough? I Mean That Should Count for Something!

How can a drug addict, or a person who has committed a felony get into heaven? Is it different if you didn't become destitute, or didn't get caught? What about a pedophile, or one of these female teachers that has a sexual relationship with an underage student? Oh sure there are less heinous crimes and actions. Sin is an often elusive task master. What about the ones that we can't even remember, or that were so long ago, we sort of forgot about them?

Your Kingdom Bloggers are no strangers to sin, but we have received that grace of God, and the forgiveness of those sins. And the bast part? God is not using if for our own good.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

So what is it that God works for the good of those who love him? Everything! Many Christians get caught up in doing stuff for God, and somehow that service is meant to equate with loving God, and His ability to make some blessings happen on our behalf. I guess it could be that, but God loves everything about us!

My take is that God uses everything that we have ever done - everything! That means our sin too. If God can let a murderers into Heaven (Moses, Paul and David to name a few), then a good question is how does he use our sin for the good of the Kingdom?

The simple answer is testimonies. We were once lost and now we are found - that sort of thing.

My own journey includes plenty of bad stuff - but because the new man runs my life most of the time, some people find the missing old man a miracle.

It is interesting that I spent half my life trying to break addictions to booze, drugs, cigarettes and the like. Every so often I meet someone at church that is going through what I went though 30 + years ago, and God moves. Each one of us has made bad decisions, and sometimes that path, as hellacious as it is, is the very one that lands us in the arms of a loving Father.

How about you, has God used your bad decisions and mistakes - yes your sin - to glorify His name?


Tracy said...

I adore reading this because my heart overflows at the goodness of God. He even used my sin for something good; to make me realize my need for Him! I'm beyond grateful that He gives me the faith to receive His great salvation; that's it's all about Him and His goodness. So grateful that I don't have to earn a thing. In my gratitude I want to join Him in what He's doing; because that's the best thing around!

Tony C said...

Pick a great topic this week! As we approach Easter, I think Christians should be more and more vocal about the sacrifice of Jesus being for all...regardless of past. Your impressive list of names says it all too.