Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fight for Peace

I had the thought of holding onto a $100 bill on a windy day. How tight I would clutch, maybe even peeking into my fist, 'checking' to see if it was still there. I thought about what would happen if a gust of wind ripped it outta my hands and sent it flying across the parking lot. I saw myself running after it, following its every twist and turn in the air. I imagined other people staring at me in curiosity or outta fear depending upon my facial expressions, actions and cries of "God stop that money!" or yelling at complete strangers "HEY! Help me out here, please!?!" I wondered what would happen if it blew underneath a car, if I would drop to the ground and crawl on my belly over oil stains and discarded gum, stabbing at it with an outstretched hand. I wondered if I would run into traffic and halt cars as I stomped at the ground trying to pin Ben Franklin to the pavement.
I wondered what if someone else would have gotten to it first. An rough looking dude, an elderly lady or a small child? How would I respond if they tried to keep my money? Would I be rude, would I just grab what belonged to me irregardless of the consequences. In a way, I thought, it would be easier for me to confront the scary looking dude because if things got ugly, it wouldn't be bad if I brawled with him, even if I lost a couple of teeth. Whereas, if I picked a fight with the little old lady, it would be a lose/lose situation for me, let alone if she put me down and out how I would have to explain to my wife how I lost $100 and got beat down by a grandma.

All of this went through my mind as I walked from my car into the grocery store. (No wonder I forgot to get the diapers I was originally sent to the store to get, huh?) What had me thinking about this is how I could without hesitation or regard, fight and track down something of value that belonged to me. How it is possible for me to work so hard for something that is not permanent and that is fleeting, but I don't chase after Peace with the same frenzied passion.

As a believer, His Peace is promised to me! As a believer His Peace is mine to take a hold of and hang onto when times are rough and out of my control. But so many times I throw away His Peace because of my fears, my words or because of my laziness. I don't chase after a Peace that would be so much more helpful to me and especially those around me. I give up on pursuing it after a couple of half hearted attempts of seeking Him. I don't ask for any one's help in seeking what is mine to have. I don't make a 'public spectacle' of myself trying to claim what is mine.
Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.
Psalm 34:14

Check out the definition of pursue: Radaf-raw-daf'a primitive root; to run after (usually with hostile intent; figuratively (of time) gone by):--chase, put to flight, follow after, hunt, to be under persecution, pursue.

Now check out the definition of peace: Shalom {shaw-lome'}; safe, i.e. (figuratively) well, happy, friendly; also (abstractly) welfare, i.e. health, prosperity, peace: favour, (good) health, peace prosperous, rest,

Peace is definitely worth pursuing. It would definitely be worth me making a public spectacle of myself or calling upon others to help me when it is out of my reach. Peace is actually worth more to me than the things in life I am lacking. Money, relationships and circumstances have no guarantees. Hey, the world promises us nothing but trouble. Great friends, fat bank accounts and an easy life is not promised. But as believers, Peace is ours to have when we don't have enough money, ideal relationships and pleasant circumstances.

I can hunt and fight the things which are temporary and that can actually be a great source of my headaches or I can fight for that which will be with me when I have it all or have nothing at all.

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David said...

Amazing - excellent message.

You are the "word man."