Friday, February 12, 2010

All you need is Love...and maybe Dave Tvedt.

What a week at Kingdom Bloggers! I got a little behind on reading this week and ended up reading all four of the prior post back-to-back...well...I did stop after Joyce's post and called my wife to tell her I loved her. Reading about that much Joy and Love is like being supercharged on Spiritual Red Bull! Praise God because He is Love!

I feel remiss not to write about the love of my life and all that she means to me when the subject matter is intimacy. But, I'm being lead in a different let's go with it.

I have a great story about David Johndrow that I often share with others and you can read about on Tony C Today. If you could measure how we each share God's love by using the be a light analogy...David would be a football stadium light, or maybe even a Coast Guard helicopter searchlight. Pretty bright stuff.

But my post today is about another Kingdom Blogger brother. There have been several occasions that my Blackberry has vibrated with an incoming message from Dave Tvedt, and before I ever open the message...I feel a blessing coming on! Dave has a way about him that can only be a gift from God. When my brother is bathed in Joy by the Holy Spirit...he shares. When he shares...I get that Joy coming over me that can only come from an intimate relationship with Abba Father.

I was sitting at my desk one day not too long ago when one of those messages arrived. The text wasn't long or complicated, but it did turn my focus to the my Savior. It was past my normal lunch (which I worked through), so I stopped what I was doing and got in my car. I drove a very short distance to a nearby park. There with just me and my friend Jesus, I had a long talk about what had been going on in my life. Nothing heavy...just the normal every day stuff.

After nearly half an hour, my focus moved to where I wanted to go with my life in the near future. Again nothing Earth-shaking, just an intimate, heart-felt talk. There were even times I probably spoke out loud! All together, I spent almost an hour just sitting in my car and pouring my heart out to the One who matters most. When I left work at the end of the day, I continued the conversation on the 30 minute ride home. It was completely awesome and all provoked by my friend Dave! I treasure those intimate moments with my Father and try to have them as often as possible...with or without Dave's rousing.

But Dave is great about sharing his Joy, and when he does, it always reminds me just how close I can be to God by just opening up and being receptive to His ever-flowing Love. Now I won't say that necessarily makes Tvedt the Victoria's Secret of living in the Spirit...but then again...he does sort of favor a certain mythological son of Venus that's an archer and known instigator.

Just for fun...I'd like to share a video that I 'doctored' with one of my friends demonstrating the loving feeling that comes over me when I feel a blessing coming on...(you might want to make sure there's no open-source video of you floating around on the internet...he sure wishes he had).

Note: Josh is actually dancing to a video game called Karaoke Revolution and the song is Turn the Beat Around...but I like this version better and apparently so does the YouTube world.


David said...

I can't view the video, but I do know DT. He inspires folks to live the word of God - not just talk about it.

I am however, enjoying the Cupid pic - gruesome as it is. If Cupid had tattoos, I would have thought is was Tvedt.

Thanks for the post Tony. I am inspired by the time you make for the Lord as needed. Thanks for being my friend.

Michelle said...

OK...I haven't been following KB this week...but I'm glad I stopped by today. For the mere reason of the video. I wish I knew Josh Rector and he was my friend. I smiled so big. What a kick!

David said...

Great video! Thanks for emailing the link, Tony. When I get home, I am going to do a metal version of that and see if we can get Tvedt to some grindcore or a mosh pit or something.

Joyce Lighari said...

So fun -- that's I need this tonight!

Tracy said...

Love that cupid pic!

It's cool to read about someone who loves God so much.