Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forever, Victory is Mine

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15.57

For years my walk with Jesus resembled riding roller coasters. And roller coasters were never my thing. Ups and downs, anticipation, fears, regrets, excitement, worries, thrills and no sense of control.  It seemed as if I was just going along for the ride.  Sure, I had buds that were on the same ride, sometimes.  I don't blame them for getting off, if I got sick and tired of the same ride, same 'adventure', imagine how these dudes felt as I didn't get outta my seat at the end of a ride and complained "Here we go....again.....and again."
Looking back, I can see now where it was Holy Spirit in me that kept me from quitting my Faith altogether.  Even after I told my closest buds and God that I quit.  He kept drawing me back to Him and I know it was because of the prayers of many that kept my heart from becoming bitter and cold.
I got outta the church scene after going through After listening to all sorts of different 'doctrines' and points of view about the Trinity, Salvation, Gifts of the Spirit.....I just needed to figure what my own 'doctrine' was.  If that makes sense?

I dusted off my concordance, after putting down the remote and began digging into the Word. Man, it was cool the way His Word opened up!  Verses that had question marks next to them now had 'answers' written in the margins. All of sudden, (compared to the years on the roller coaster) verses in different books in the Bible were meshing together, creating greater understanding of  the differences between Righteousness and Sanctification   I was amazed at the simplicity of Righteousness and how it wasn't anything like what I had made it out to be or what I was trying earn.  I understood that the Work of God was completed in my life.

Now, when I aint obedient or when come up short, I aint put through an emotional wringer or get worked over by the enemy, others or myself. No matter how bad the situation, argument or failure, I can always go back to the simple fact that I am saved, that I am victorious. 10 days from now, 10 years from now, 100 years from now and 10,000 years from now, I am saved.

I definitely understand that I will stand before Him on the Day and be responsible for every word and action.  I aint saying that just cuz I'm saved my Faith is complete.  Contrarily, its because of what Jesus did for me  compels me to live for Him and do my best to serve others.

I am confidant in the work He did for every single person and the work He did in me.  It is Christ's Victory and He just didn't share it with me, He gave it to me.  It is mine, and I can't lose it , give away it and it can't be stolen from me. 
Forever, Victory is Mine

because of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever
1 John 2


David said...

For those that suffer from shame, this is a good word. Because we love Jesus, we don't abuse his grace to us, which once we are saved, is endless. So many times we have argued with legalists that want to send believers to Hell for screwing up.

Thank God for Jesus, the one that saves us in the midst of or sin, and through his loving kindness and godly sorrow, leads us to repentance - the very reason that we are justified.

photogr said...

This makes sense.