Friday, December 18, 2009

The Kingdom of God is way much better than DisneyWorld...

What a week of posts on Kingdom Bloggers! It is a huge blessing and honor to be a part of God's work...even if it is just the smallest of parts. My heart is filled with joy and soul is warmed by His love.

There was a time in my life when the concept of our worldly home being destroyed caused anxiety in me. I didn't understand, either through ignorance or apathy, that this physical world was never intended to be an eternal place...much like my physical body was never intended to be eternal either. I questioned why God would create such a magnificent place, give us a taste, and then take it all away. My questions were lined, even padded, with arrogance and pride from being educated in important secular matters.
Today, the Kingdom of God is a much clearer picture for me. Obviously, I don't and can't fully understand the majesty of God's Kingdom, but my focus and priorities are much more focused on what role God wants me to matter how big or how small that role may be. God rules eternally sovereign over all things in Heaven and on Earth (Psalms 103:19). My praise and worship for Him will ring forever more yet will still never come close to measuring up to the honor He deserves from me for the opportunity to be a part of His Kingdom.

Christ teaches in John 3:5-7 that a man must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God. I've stood in the shoes of ignorance Nicodemus found himself that day in the presence of Jesus. But also like Nicodemus, my desire is to better understand and share the words of a Savior who made possible a rebirth through the Spirit. Hallelujah!

The songs we sing of a place where the streets are made of gold have little value to me personally. To finally bow in the presence of God who is sovereign, omnipotent, omniscient and the ruler over all holds vast more significance than all the gold and jewels that could ever be accumulated. His Kingdom always has been and always will be...but to have that single moment in His presence deserves my unceasing obedience until my last breath is drawn.

Please don't go another day not being an eternal part of God's Kingdom. If you need to know how a personal relationship with a living Savior can make that difference, contact any of the Kingdom Bloggers through our personal blogs listed on this page or email me at

As one of my favorite gospel songs proclaims...On this glory road I'm traveling, many times I stumble on my way. But praise the Lord I'll soon be leaving, to that land of perfect peace and endless day. Praise God!


David said...

When you put it like that, there is little that one can say but, "Jesus!"

Thanks to you and the rest of the KB team - small, but exciting.

Michelle said...


I personally like.."God rules eternally sovereign over all things in Heaven and on Earth."

And "To finally bow in the presence of God who is sovereign, omnipotent, omniscient and the ruler over all" :)

photogr said...

And yet God does reward His followers with riches far more plentiful than we can ever imagine ( not material things). It is all based on our work ethics and service to Him I would imagine.