Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sharing Faith Isn't Just for the Lost

I don't know about you, but since I first believed, I have NOT always had powerhouse faith. Actually, I might not ever have had powerhouse faith. Some days, the faith of a mustard seed has easily escaped me and I felt like Stewart Little. Other days, I feel like I could tell the mountain to jump in the sea, and it would.

We often hear about the tiny faith, faith like a mustard seed. If we have any faith, that is enough. (Luke 17) That is not actually true. In context, Jesus is talking about faith in forgiveness. IE: salvation. In verse 5 the apostles ask Him to increase their faith. He did - Jesus went to the cross.

As there are different needs, there are different types or levels of faith - even a gift of faith (1 Cor 12). When it comes to healing, Jesus asked those without faith for healing not to come in the room where Jairus's daughter lay dead (v40). (Mark 5:35-43) They actually laughed at Him - well, until he raised her from the dead.

Today, your Kingdom Bloggers have a host of needs. One is very sick with the flu; possibly H1N1 with two children in the house. Another has a loved one that has survived a cancer scare PTL, while another is in the midst of schedule changes at work and a blizzard. The other is just recovering from sickness. I don't mention this because we need any specific response - but because we are human, we are the body of Christ, and because faith and prayer changes things. Today I am covering my brother with a quick blog, and praying for the others - we'd love for you to join in.

Some days sharing our faith is not for the lost, but to encourage each other - to stir each up for the good works God has set before us (Eph 2:10), and to believe God for that unseen blessing, be it health, finances, relationships, doors to open or anything else.

HERE is a story of how God increased my faith.

I'd love it if you'd post an answered prayer, a miracle God did for you, or a testimony of His faithfulness, so that we can encourage each other.

And while your at it, would you send these guys an email or Facebook message to encourage them? Tony and pray for healing, Dave - tell him how much you appreciate him. And you can log onto Joyce's blog and leave her a comment, she'd love to hear from you too - it's a lonely walk out there in SD.


Michelle said...

I do not know but one of you. But I was recently blessed with a story of how important prayer is...even if you don't know the person.

I have prayed for Mrs. C and the girls' protection and for the safety of others in inclement weather. And praised God for health when times were scary.

Visit for a story of God's work in my life...

Joyce Lighari said...

Yes, Joyce is lonely and would love a comment or two :-) Joyce could also use prayer as she finishes this semester and tries to get all her work completed. Today I am working on a Christian Ethics paper on End-of-Life decisions - now isn't that fun.

photogr said...

David, Joyce, Dave, and Tony:

It is hard to keep up with all 4 of you so I will make this relating to all of you.

Dear Heavenly Father. I come to you humbly to pray for 4 people that are dear to my heart and inspire me with their writings. Please look over them and cure them of their illnesses so that they may continue in their service to you. Help Joyce endure the hardships in her challenge to finish her semester, Christian ethics paper, and the incliment weather and keep her safe.

I do have one request for for my neighborhood. Please don't let the 60 MPH winds with zero degree wind factor knock out the power. I am responsible for them and many have small children. In Jesus name. Amen.

Joyce Lighari said...

Thanks for the prayer I am praying for you too.

Tracy said...

Father I just want to agree with Photogr's prayer. Please help Joyce be mentally alert and increase in her skills and thinking as she does her Christian ethics paper as well as all the other end of the semester work. Please help the brother that is in bad weather; keep him and his family safe. We rejoice with this one that does not have cancer after all - thank You Father. Please be with this one with the flu and children to care for - may Your grace be there in a mighty way. May Your healing be manifest in that home - thank You Father. Thank you for for the one who is even already recovering from sickness, may this person continue to recover. We thank You that You let us bring these needs before You. Thank You Father.