Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Be ready to put you head where your heart is...

What were my resolutions last year? I know I blogged about resolutions on Tony C Today. That's the problem with has become cliche to laugh about breaking them.

Maybe the very concept of waiting until a new year begins to alter, add to or eliminate a facet of your life that's important enough to dwell upon paints a complete picture. If it's that important... shouldn't you start now? What will delaying until a specific date to start really accomplish?

So a few months ago, I agreed to accept a new responsibility at church that is in concert with a topic I'm consistently harping about while I'm on the soapbox. After a lot of prayer and self analysis, I agreed to teach a Sunday School class. But not just any Sunday School class... I would be taking the college-aged Sunday School class. An age group that weighs on my heart.

Statistics clearly show that nearly 70% of church youth will leave the church by age 23... 70%!! But, I remember I was in that 70% and the pilgrimage my spiritual life took as I wandered in the dark for a number of years. If I can help just one young adult avoid repeating that quest, keep just one from turning from God... the effort would be a small way to honor God for never forgetting me.

It just so happens that the start of my new role coincides with the new year. I'm a fairly organized individual and already juggle a number of hats, but adding one more shouldn't throw a wrench in the works too bad... that is, however, if the bar hadn't been set pretty high. My predecessor has been a remarkable teacher. He took the class through the book of Genesis this year that resulted in the discovery of layer upon layer of revelations for the class members. I sat in a number of classes and was amazed at the complexity of the first book and how all the stories I had heard and read through my entire life all point to God keeping His promise and the gift of salvation.

I have a challenge ahead. This might sound like a resolution, but I'm looking at it as more a vow... a vow to never take my new responsibility lightly or for granted. If there are a dozen or only one person in the class, I vow to give my very best effort... or better. Please hold me to it through your prayers.

Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity. May anything and everything I present reflect your will, your desires for the souls of this class. Thank you for the Godly man I follow and all that he has done for this class. Please continue to touch and guide him as he moves to even more responsibilities in Your church. I will never fail to stop and give You all the credit and the glory for what You do. In the name of a perfect Savior, Amen.


photogr said...

I am sure with the Lord leading you in your new challenge you will do well in service to Him.

David said...

Passion and a heart to serve are all that you need.

Tony, if God be for you, no on can come against you. Because God takes what little you give to Him, and turns it in to something amazing and wonderful.

Tracy said...

I'm excited about what God is doing in your life and what He will be doing in the lives of your Sunday school students.