Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enter The Mosh Pit

I dunno if I would wanna see any of the miracles of Jesus back in His day. One: because that would mean I was living back in His day and I wouldn't want to live back in His day. I like the internet, my celly, my car, lights and indoor plumbing. I like them A LOT!

Two: because if I saw one of His miracles would I still believe that He was the Son of God. You see, when He delivered me from booze and restored my mind from meth, I had my miracle that made me believe in Him.

Even if I could travel back in time, I wouldn't really wanna see the miracle or the work of Jesus, so much as, I would wanna see the person before and after the miracle. I would wanna see the lady before she touched the hem of Jesus and all the people in her life. I would want to see the same people's reactions after she told them of the Great Jesus. It would be cool to see Zacchaeus scrambling up a tree to see Jesus and what lead him to that point. It would also be interesting to see how Zacchaeus live his Faith after making the pledge to give half of his fortune.

I wonder how these people handled the ups and downs of life after Jesus intervened in their lives. I wonder how they received the news that Jesus was crucified and later resurrected. Do you read what I am getting at?

If I could go back to witness an event or moment in the bible I would want to check out what went down in 2 Samuel 6.1-23. Now, I can't say I wouldn't get overwhelmed with the smell of body odor or animals but if that didn't make me nauseas I am sure seeing the slaughter of the oxen and sheep would get to me for sure. But what I would want to see is David dancing.

Early in my Faith, I had prayed to God that I would 'dance like David'. I kinda prayed it because it seemed like a 'good charismatic prayer'. I also wanted to express myself freely in worship. Now in my past, I didn't really have trouble expressing myself through dancing, if I had good amount of beer or vodka in me. And depending upon how much booze, there was no limit to how freely I expressed myself. But having come into the Church and seeing other peeps dancing, singing and rejoicing uninhibited before God, I was awed and humbled. These people were so passionate about Jesus that they didn't care about anything but worshipping Him.

I wanted that. And God is faithful, I got it. One day, I could no longer contain myself and I had to cut loose. It felt like my calves were gonna explode. The Joy and Love in my heart was so overwhelming that my insecurities of what others would think became nothing. I broke outta the row of chairs and began dancing. Now, how I moved about definitely wasn’t like most of the others were moving about. I was mashing. I was nothing but a fury of stomping, shouting and flailing as I worshipped my God! It was awesome and maybe scary to some and possibly hazardous to all but it was awesome.

A few years later, I looked up the Hebrew definitions of dancing (karar- dance (i.e. whirl) and leaping (pazaz-also to spring-as if separating the limbs). Needless to say, God answered my prayer.

It has been years since I have broken out in dance like that during Sunday Service. At home, with the Mrs and the kids, I can get stomping. But I can’t get too loose or I may wind up accidently slapping someone or crushing the toddler or worse. But there are those times when I have the 'floor all to myself' that I have to dance for my King.

How about you?  Are you ready to celebrate a Holy God?  Are you willing to lay aside all of your insecurities or inhibitions to worship the Risen King?  Are you ready to enter the mosh pit?


~*Michelle*~ said...

I would SO be joining you in a JAM session for Jesus!

So this made me laugh out loud:

"It was awesome and maybe scary to some and possibly hazardous to all but it was awesome."

Even though I am in my early 40s....I am pretty "hip" on alot of the hard core Christian music, still trying to wrap my head around my kids' As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red,etc....

But I had a BLAST with FlatFoot 56 a couple of Soulfests ago. It was wild. And this past summer we were in the middle of a torrential downpour outside with Family Force 5 and it was awesome!

anyway....I just love expressing my love for Jesus with music/singing. (not trying to do a shameless plug, well a little...but I just posted about music/worship and what God has called upon Josh and I this past year if you feel like checking it out)

Tony C said...

Oh to be able to move like that again! Well, at least I can sit on a drummer's throne and keep time...usually. I thank God for that!

Your post always make me smile have a gift brother.

Joyce Lighari said...

I'm with you - I miss those days of wild abandonment and dance

David said...

FF5 rocks! My daughter is friends with the band. Soulfest is so cool - well, sometimes very hot. I love August Burns Red too.

But watching Dave T dance, priceless!

I love when the spirit of God invades us and we worship him with our whole heart.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Great video!

eaglegirl said...

Hey, we are never too old for some dancing without abandonment ! We may have to watch out for the knees ann backs, but we can still let as loose as we can.
Dave, I actually like your type of dancing to the Lord.