Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Thousand Years

Bethany Lighari is joining us today as a guest blogger. Her gift is poetry. She will be joining us on Saturdays from time to time. 

Living in Tennessee she is a follower of Jesus Christ, a mother, a student,  and Joyce's daughter. She is a new blogger. Visit her blog at Lessons, Trials and Miracles

Is God's kingdom a beautiful forever?
Only to be seen when soul and body sever
When souls leave earth to become anew
And slip to heavens gates and ushered through
There singing God's praise for a thousand years
A radiating perfect God wipes all of our tears

Is God's kingdom seen in His smallest creation?
A tiny beating heart in mothers womb, her hearts elation?
God knitting in mothers womb, His promise of life
All the days ordained, yet even moments of strife
A new life God loves yet a mother would scorn
As He protects and nurtures a blessing is born

God's kingdom demonstrated with a life of servitude and praise 
When man lives to love Him all of his meager days
As God's creation tells of His amazing love
God inscribes names in the Book of Life above
Miracles occur and account of His glory
God's wonder shown in each life's story

God's kingdom was indeed not of this earth
And not on the cross with His last breath
King of the Jews inscribed as He waited to die
While few loyal below did lament and cry
His kingdom touches all above and below
It touches the sun rising and setting on the horizon
Even as night's death gives way to sun rising
A broken curse of death and sin
God's kingdom is also found there within

God's kingdom hopes not a soul should perish
Each one loved, each heart He does cherish
What is that one thing? That one lost sheep
That He holds close to His heart He does keep
Indeed God's kingdom touches all
Yet God desires not one should fall
It touches hearts and brings the lost home
Each one lost sheep nevermore should roam
Safe in God's arms at home with a King
A thousand more years His praises to sing

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Tony C said...

Very nice! I look forward to reading your poems on KB.

Welcome aboard. You're an answered prayer for another Tennessean to be on KB! (Just kidding David)

God bless you Bethany!