Thursday, December 27, 2012

In This Great Big World, Can You See the One? by Linda Maynard

Let me explain the title.

When we quote John 3:16 “Go so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” we see the word WORLD and think of the masses. Is it not true that until the Word pierces our heart, personally, it can be dismissed with thinking “Oh yea…I know that God loves the world. Yep, I know that."

But it becomes life changing ,when we realize”He loves ME!”

This truth makes my heart leap still.

Years ago, I was focusing my prayers the Middle East. Then I was transported … my thoughts? In the spirit? I don’t know. I found myself seeing a Muslim woman Her face not fully covered, so I could see her injuries. She had been badly beaten and she actually had some of her teeth knocked out. I “knew” her name (It sounded like Betina) So I spoke her name and prayed a prayer specifically for her.

I remember thinking…Lord, you know her by name. That prayer was addressing her need personally.

I had never experienced anything like that before.

Another time I was praying, I was as if I was flying…on an eagle? like an eagle? I don’t know which.

I was going over the United States and praying, as the Holy Spirit led. Suddenly we were above New England.

Quickly the speed and direction changed and we flew straight down. The flight path was strategic and narrowly focused.

Where we had been high over New England, we were now headed into the heart of Maine, into the deep woods.

I “knew” by revelation of the Holy Spirit that this prayer was targeted for a man who lived in a cabin. The Lord chose to touch this man…that day and in way, only God can understand.

All I know is that the Lord pierced that man’s heart with a revelation of His love, which this man had heretofore never considered.

Now how does all of this bring me to a most memorable Christmas, that I experienced?

I have written about this before but I don’t tire of telling my testimony because this part is a miracle of Christmas. 

It is about LIGHT piercing the DARKNESS, not only over mankind, but being targeted towards a scared, unwed and pregnant teenage girl, who lived in New Britain CT. 

It didn’t happen in a church or a temple and the messenger he used was unusual. 

She is a Jewish woman, by birth. 

She is considered a great star. 

The Christmas songs, in which she sang about THE Star, were what awakened me to the realization that life was worth living.

To her they may have just been words on the page…to me they were words of life.

Her name is Barbra Streisand. 

Through her voice and music, God used her to break through the darkness that entombed my soul. 

Hope exploded in its place like an array of fireworks.

Despair was left in ashes.

Emmanuel…the One she sang about, came!

Yes He came.

He came for ME!

Just like He came for the beaten Middle Eastern Woman. He wanted her to know…” I came for YOU!”

That lonely man, in the cabin of Maine may have thought “no one cares if I live or die”, but God knew right where that man was living. He knew, no only his physical location but the location of where his soul was.

Yes Emmanuel shouted into the woods of Maine…” I came for YOU’ 

So He came into my crowded apartment one winter. 

He sang. He sang over me songs of deliverance, using the voice of one of His own. 

Won’t you join me in prayer that Barbra, who at least seems to be uninterested in the true God, will nevertheless be found by Him? 

Let’s pray that the day comes, that the final arrow of Love, will demolish all the lies.

May all her walls of fear and all the fortresses of self protection be obliterated.

May she come to know You Lord… as her Yeshua HaMashiach.

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Kerry Luddy said...

Yes, I pray she knows her Messiah. Beautiful sharing, Linda. Years ago, I was praying, and I had a startlingly vivid impression that a woman deeply entrenched in the abortion industry was going to be converted to Christ, and to pray for her. I wrote about it in my journal. Only years later, when I re-read the entry, did I realize that the woman at the center of Roe v. Wade had come to Christ around that time!! God is so amazing!!