Monday, October 15, 2012

Worship should never be don't make it that way. Tony C

Several years back, the Focus on the Family organization did a DVD series called The Truth Project. If you've never seen the study, I encourage you to check it out.  We are currently going through the series again on Wednesday nights where I attend church, and it is presented by the very gentleman I spoke of in my post last week. In a nutshell, the aim of the series is to realign the Christian worldview of the Truth that has been watered down and derogated over time with a true biblical worldview of what is the actual ultimate Truth.

This week the Kingdom Bloggers are describing what worship means to each of us or maybe even how we spend time in worship.

Realizing who God is sometimes gets lost on most, if not all, of us from time to time...current writer included.

In those moments when I'm able to blot out the numerous distraction that whirl around me daily and just focus on my Creator, true worship occurs in my heart. Now for me, this may (or may not I embarrassingly admit) occur on Sunday mornings at church. The first thing I do each and every Sunday morning is stop and pray for God's help in putting all of the numerous task for the day aside. My goal is undeterred focus on Him and Him alone.

I'm not sure I can adequately put into words why that is a daunting task at times...considering that I truly accept God for whom He is. My initial thought on the matter is drawn most assuredly on some  unimportant aspect of self. Our egos will get us each and every time.

Nonetheless, I have days when I struggle with worship, and that invokes a great deal of shame on my part. Shame and regret that I have lost that time of worship for the One most worthy.

But Tony C, won't we have eternity to worship God in Heaven?

Of course we will, but even eternity doesn't seem adequately long enough. To God, we owe it the old hymn goes. When I worship God, I come into his warmth and compassion. Describing  times in worship in physical terms may seem like a stretch to many, but I know there is a change that occurs when I focus just on my Lord. That change to me feels like warmth, may lead to emotions (yes, I often shed tears), or maybe the words I'm searching for are pure jubilation comes over me. Whatever the case, it is real, and if I'm committed to seeking God's is always available. He is always available!

After learning to love God (worship), learning to love others is the second purpose of your life. Rick Warren

As I've grown in my personal understanding of who God is, my worship for Him has left the containment of the ceremonial place we call a sanctuary. Now, I can warm up in my car (and often do), fill my office with His joy at work, and find those moments at home when although my house is noisy with the sounds of young family...His music is all I manage to hear.

So see my lovely wife, it's not that I need a hearing aid...just yet.

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Linda Maynard said...

Thanks for the heads up on that Focus on the Family teaching. It sounds like something, I really would like to look into.
When you talk about times of jubilation and even sometimes of tears...I am sure you are taking about the place of an awareness of utter acceptance of the Lord. It's really is hard to put words to it. I sometimes think, unbelievers have no clue about this. Sadly some believer do not as well.
The place of "It is Well with My Soul" is so precious and money cannot buy it!
Thanks for your input and that you haven't "arrived" yet...I am very suspicious of believers who sound like they have *grin*