Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Really Quite Simple by Tony C

Friends...I'm very thankful and happy to be back writing for Kingdom Bloggers. Andrea is taking a break to focus on some other ministry opportunities, and I want to start by expressing my heart-felt appreciation for her leadership for the past year plus. She is both a talented writer and effective communicator. May God keep pouring blessings on you Andrea as you continue to serve the Kingdom for His glory.

So after three years, I've come full circle and find myself in the lead off position again. Cool. I couldn't think of a better topic to start my new stint on KB with than the one Scripture or Bible story each of us relies on most to both grow as a disciple or help others grow as disciples.

After all...isn't growing disciples what the Church is called to do this side of Glory?

I have a number of favorite verses from God's word. On the signature line of any email I send, you will find Luke 1:37. I've probably written or even spoken more about 1 John 4:8 than any other single verse. So, it might surprise you a little when I reveal my personal go-to verse from Scripture is actually Luke 10:27...or Matthew 22:37 if you like.

So he answered and said, “ You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’  

I work hard at being a diligent student of doctrine because I take very serious what James says about teachers of the Word being held to a higher standard (James 3:1). The problem with deep theological study is sometimes the basics start becoming a bit muddled if you're not careful. Nothing glosses over the eyes of a group of college students in Sunday School faster than a dissertation on the relationship found inside the Holy Trinity. Wow. They will mentally check out on you during the very first PowerPoint slide!

But really...why is that necessary to share in the first place?  Sure. I enjoy reading and studying on such complex subject matters, but when you get right down to it, God didn't make the plan of salvation or discipleship complicated...thankfully. Plus, most of the deeper theological stuff gets into educated guessing at best and always back to matters of faith. So again, I say cool.

If I can stay focused on the two greatest commandments as pointed out by Jesus Christ Himself, I will become the disciple God expects me to be. That's a daily reflection for yours truly. Can it really be that simple Tony C? 

Don't just take it from those red letters found in the Holy Word.

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Linda Maynard said...

As I logged onto KB I kept hearing voices saying " Take Me to Your Leader" here I am, along with my "imaginary" friends" who were speaking ( I must be hanging around my grandchildren a wee bit much)
Anyway, thanks for accepting the Position and I have found you as a very gentle man and a patient teacher and excellent writer ( and a good husband and father and friend and brother in the Lord AND so much more!*grin)
I liked when you talked about the Simplicity of the Gospel because I get way off track if I start thinking of the exegesis of the Word(whatever that even means)
Thanks for the Springboard for this week