Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love Personified

Ahh, yes, love... that greatest of all human emotions.  The indescribable thing that makes us crazy.  The thing that binds us together for life.  The thing that hurts us the most.  Love is so many things and to each of us, it means something different. In any given day we may say we love ice cream, our children, our spouse, and our new shirt.

As I thought about love and Christmas, I too thought of "love came down at Christmas."  Many years ago, I sang in a church choir.  Something I still love but don't do.  I almost joined the choir at my new church but fears of not being able to hold out notes because of asthma convinced me otherwise.  They gave their cantata last Sunday.  I missed it due to battling a migraine.

One this Christmas, many years ago, we sang the cantata, Love Came Down At Christmas.  It was beautiful.  Rich tones, great sound, wonderful story of Jesus birth - it was great.  A secret dream of mine has always been to sing the Messiah with a choir.  But that year, Love Came Down was enough.  Truly, God's love was demonstrated in unfathomable ways when Love came down in the form of an infant, born of Mary - the Son of God.

Another song, by Dottie Rambo really says it all:

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Linda Maynard said...

Your message is short and succint yet captures the offering of sacrficial Love the Lord holds towards mankind.
I have always love Dottie Rambo's music and the songs she had penned expressed the longing of our hearts and the message to the Lord that we want to give in thanksgiving
PS I pray that the dream you have to sing a cantata will be fulfilled this coming year