Friday, September 23, 2011

To know him is to…really want to write a book or two.

I’ve not read any of the post here this week for a reason because you see, we’re roasting my good friend David Johndrow on Kingdom Bloggers this week, and I didn’t want to taint what I have to say…

And I have a lot to say!

I met David in the blogosphere in 2009. He first commented on my personal blog at Tony C Today on January 8th of 2009 on a post about the futility of atheism. Apparently, it was part of some kind of New Years Resolution he’d made about attracting more readers to his own blog at Fire and Grace. He must have read an article or book or something…anyway it worked, and we started a relationship of mutual snarky comment remarks that's lasted to this very day.

Now he’s taking a God-led hiatus, and quite honestly, I have mixed feelings. Paul talks a lot about this in his Epistles. Exactly now where do I go with my sarcastic comments motivated by the flesh?! Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love Joyce, Tracy and Andrea, but my southern heritage along with my former officer and a gentleman indoctrination via the USMC (oorah!) practically forbid me make snarky comments on their blog post. Hey…call it sexist if you like…but you just can’t make a coconut cream pie with apples!

So I don’t know where I’ll sarcastically remark now that you’re quitting David. Guess I’ll go unload on Appling over at the Church of No People and get lost in 700 or so remarks he generates with each post. My apologies for the Comment envy Matt…

Anyway, mutual comments lead to a Facebook friendship which lead to telephone calls and text messages which lead to praying together and for each other…and before you know it…there’s virtual holy kisses of greetings going on all over the place! Thanks to DJ, I clearly understand that’s scriptural now.  I believe you’re onto something Joyce with your doctorate dissertation hypothesis about social media connections.

David and I are very much kindred souls despite the Mason/Dixon line that separates us. We’re both married WAY up, love Jesus first and foremost, both have three daughters and look or have looked like a Hollywood celebrity. Come on! Look how much Johndrow looks like James Woods! They’re practically twins!

David JohndrowJames woods

So what celebrity do I look like? Depends on where we are in my timeline…




You can stop laughing now…

Seriously, I love my friend David Johndrow who has helped me be a better light for Jesus. Through his words of encouragement, dissection and analysis of the Word, and love he shares with so many others, David is following in the very footprints left by our greatest teacher and Savior. I know in my heart that he is following where being lead…and that too is yet another lesson to be noted by all of us.

God bless your mission in His name my friend. Mwah!

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David-FireAndGrace said...

Oh man I am laughing so hard I can't stop! James Woods made me snicker bu Marsha Brady, that's funny - oh, I mean Peter!