Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pieces & Phrases

When I think of David the following pieces of thoughts and phrases come to my mind:
  • All consuming passion
  • Fire in the belly
  • Sarcastic and funny
  • Prophetic words
These are the things most David to me.

The passion that burns strong in David, that drives him to seek God and His work above all else, calls out to the spark in my own soul, and stirs it up. Watching David continue through the hard times, through rejection, and times when life didn't make sense, has provided me with a picture of what the Spirit's fire in a person produces. Getting to enjoy a laugh or two, and a different perspective, all curtsey of David; well, it just makes life more fun. David's helped me learn what an asset a real prophet can be to Kingdom Living, and caused me to question those religious ideas I've lived most of my life around.

I'm grateful that I met David in the blogoshere, and that I've had the honor of getting to write alongside him here at Kingdom Bloggers. I'm excited about all the doors God is opening for David and I look forward to hearing more about all God's blessing to, and through, David.

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David-FireAndGrace said...

Tracy, thanks for the kind words. It's been a pleasure, and it's never goodbye!