Friday, July 22, 2011

Go ahead, touch Him...I dare you!

This has truly been one of my favorite weeks on Kingdom Bloggers. While we are all here to serve our loving God, our very essence and nature is to be awed and in worship to the Almighty. I love the time each week I'm privileged to spend in fellowship, in prayer, preparing for my Sunday School class, in devotion and even writing or speaking for the Kingdom. But, nothing can replace the moments when the world around me seems to stop, and my focus lifts to Heaven in praise and worship to Him.

Just on Sunday mornings? Absolutely not! If I could spend every one of the 604,800 seconds in a week in humble gratitude, praise and still wouldn't be worthy enough for our Father. I worship whenever and wherever I can because I'm addicted to joy I receive from His love.

When it comes to my very favorite worship song, I'm going to surprise some of you expecting this Praise Team drummer to throw out something with a thump. I'll admit it was hard to pick just a single song, but this one immediately jumped out to me:

He is here, Hallelujah,

He is here, Amen

He is here, Holy Holy,

I will bless His name again

He is here, listen closely

Hear Him calling out your name

He is here, you can touch Him

You will never be the same

I long to be in His presence. When I sing this praise chorus in church or alone in my car, I cry out in thanks for His Spirit being with me, saturating me and that I might be used in some way to share His awesome love with others around me.

Even writing this, I get teared up just typing those last two sentences...because I know I will truly, honestly never be the same again. He pulled me from the dark and into the Light. Thank God!

Look Joyce, I found a Gaither version! You just knew this southern boy would...I'm sure. God bless y'all!!!


Tracy said...

Couldn't help but think as I read this that you're gonna enjoy heaven!

David-FireAndGrace said...

Are the Giather' doing the worship in Heaven, or is J. S. Bach? Maybe they have multiple stages like Warped Tour.

Joyce Lighari said...

Ahh, great stuff! I think Heaven will be a grand Warp tour including music we can't imagine.
I haven't heard this song in a long while - thanks Tony!
Great stuff this week.

Andrea York said...

You have to love the Gaither group; their music is timeless. So many people grew up listening to them fill our living rooms with praise to the one true God, who lives forever and ever.