Friday, February 4, 2011

Let me give thanks for His mercy...

Shakespeare's lesser known play, given name apparently from the well known proverb, would have been better suited called The End Justifies the Means. That's because the story is filled with deceit and fraudulent acts leading up to an outcome that...well... ends well for one of the story's main characters.

It's a horrible read and hopefully and much better play...

I'm not sure I adhere to the end justifies the means philosophy at this point in my life. Although I have lived before at my very foundation following that principle, the resulting chased end is never truly quite satisfying when you step on and over others to achieve it. You become drained of your joy at some point in the process.

God's Word teaches us that struggles are a part of our earthly walk. Jesus didn't escape the trials and temptations that result from a fallen world during His time on Earth. Satan was given his shots at our Savior each step of His journey to save mankind. Thank God that Christ never faltered or took short cuts to that glorious Resurrection day He overcame the grave and fulfilled the Holy promise!

If I'm to use Jesus as my template in conducting my own life, then why would I compromise or take short cuts myself? I can look back on a number of situations in my life when doing so may have resulted in the desired outcome...but getting there was far from Christ-like.

That's not to say that good ending can't come from bad circumstances.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

One of my personal pet peeves is to hear Christians accuse someone of finding God just because they're in some type of trouble (aka the jailhouse religion syndrome). Prominent public figures like Michael Vick and one of this weekend's Super Bowl quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger, both come to mind. Shouldn't we rejoice in their revelation instead of reject their claims with cynicism? Besides, if we question their sincerity without being witness to their actions, then we become guilty of being judgmental...and we all should know as Christians what God's Word says about more than one place in Scripture.

There are so many personal stories from this week's topic I could have shared that it was difficult to chose just one. Instead, I decided to take my time this week and just thank God that He looks at our heart above all else. I'm reassured that the numerous messes I've found, or maybe even will find, myself in the midst can more easily be overcome by letting go and letting God. That's letting go of my understanding and letting God be my guiding lead.

I need to look no farther than Moses, Abraham, David, and Paul (just to name a few) to see examples of bad circumstances and decisions being ultimately used for God's glory. That's pretty good company to keep.

God bless you Forbes family...may His comforting arms hold you tight during this time of loss.


David said...

Yeah, lots of messes. BTDTGAT

And the Forbes family, how painful to lose a loving spouse and father.

Tracy said...

Appreciate your differentiation between doing what it takes (even bad things) to get what you want and God taking bad things/circumstances and producing something good - BIG difference! I'm so grateful for the latter situation, so grateful that God does work good in our lives even though tough situations sometimes abound.