Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Christmas

This Christmas certainly wasn't one of the most moving experiences I've ever had, but they were nice.  That's enough for me.  Sometimes family drama overshadows what Christmas is all about.  Nashville had a white Christmas which is very unusual. It wasn't much snow compared to South Dakota where I mostly abide, but it was nice for the folks here.  Our family in Connecticut is dealing with the newsworthy snow.  I liked the silence and the stopping that happens with a major snow in New England.  Of course, it does have to be shoveled so I don't miss that at all.

My Tennessee backyard at Christmas

The view from our apartment in South Dakota before we left

Remember me telling you about the miracle of my grandson? Here he is reading Luke 2 for us on Christmas Eve.

Now that's special and moving... He was blessed by his church who took him for some much needed clothes shopping. I feel so hopeful about this boy.  Such a miracle.

I've been writing a lot this Christmas about Christmases long long ago as a child in Brooklyn.  You can find them on Sounds of Hope.  Particularly, I want to share the last one I wrote after this Christmas.  You can find that one here.

Then on my other blog, you know one isn't enough - I write three places, I wrote about this Christmas on Storehouses of Snow - you can read that here.

It's been a good Christmas.  I have found the hope of Christmas once again.  I am looking forward to the future.  That's the best gift I've gotten. 


Tony C said...

God bless you Joyce! I've been in Nashville when it 'snows' (dusting actually) and people lose their minds!

If your grandson is on Facebook or has an email address, would you consider sending it to me? I'd like to send some encouragement his way. Of course, a mailing address works too.

Happy New Year!

Joyce Lighari said...

I know he's not on FB but not sure about an email - I'll check with his mom - otherwise, I'll get a phone number or mail address. Thanks! Next time I get to East TN I'm coming for a visit, ok?

Tracy said...

God is so good. It's a beautiful thing to watch your grandson here reading the Word (not to mention the HUGE smile on the little cutie in red).

I adore when there is just a dusting of snow such as in your TN photo here.

Glad to read of God's blessings to you and yours this Christmas.