Thursday, July 15, 2010

It doesn't have to be Either - Or

One of the things that drives me nuts about America Christian culture is our weird attitudes toward sex!

On the one hand you've got the world thinking everything is about sex. Look at how so many women dress or just look at most advertisements. A favorite Christian teacher had me really laughing as she related how she was shopping at a drug store with her 2 young adult daughters recently and when they got up to the counter to make their purchases she saw that they were selling "sexy mints". To the complete chagrin of her daughters, she starting asking the clerk what made these mints sexy and how could one mint be more sexy than the other? The poor clerk simply admitted that she didn't know. The woman's daughters dragged her from the store before she could really start preaching!

On the other hand you've got Christians being strangely silent for the most part on the topic of sex. Occasionally you'll hear that sex belongs in marriage. But somehow the Western Christian church has managed to give off the vibe that sex not exactly "right". I think it may be a case of the proverbial throwing out the baby with the bathwater; the thought process going something along the lines of - since the world over emphasizes and misuses sex, it must therefor be wrong.

But how on earth could sex be wrong?

God created sex just like He created everything else. Are mountains wrong? Is fruit wrong? Is oxygen wrong?

I actually think the enemy has lied to the Western church about sex so that we'd remain silent concerning it and there by jeopardize our marriages. Because let's be candid, there's nothing more nourishing to a marriage than a flourishing sex life.

But can't we love God, be modest people, have appropriate boundaries, refrain from sharing too personal of details, and still have a great sex life in our marriages?!

I believe that we can. What about you?


Joyce said...

I love the use of a creation metaphor - yes, God created it, so how could it be wrong? It's how we are made. The hormones and desires that come with it were created by God as well.
Good job - great blog!

photogr said...

Sex is an enjoyable topic but I don't think I have enough experience in sex yet. Still experimenting after 46 years of marriage.