Friday, July 16, 2010

Be fruitful and multiply...but stick to one fruit please.

I love sex!

So stop the presses...right? No, a man declaring he loves sex is not exactly breaking news. But the fact of the matter is making the same enthusiastic proclamation with the addition of the words with my wife at the end creates a number of typical, although different, reactions from most people.

First, the socially conservative types (read Christians) squirm just a bit with discomfort because such things are just not declared in front of others. It's very unbecoming and impious...somehow. Let's ignore the facts already stated this week God create Adam and Eve as companions (including sexually), and He created all that is involved in the science we know as biology. God made us sexual beings. Deal with it and embrace the fact.

The second reaction usually involves repulsion on a different level....a much more secular level. It's just not chic or provocative enough to publicly proclaim such monogamously insinuating things. After all, the lure of the forbidden or the challenge of the chase drives these people. Sex isn't just function of reproduction or expression of intimacy...heavens no! Sex is erotically playful and most interesting when not caged in the confinements of civil union and certainly no place for religion. Don't you remember the great rebellion from sexual repression in the '60's?

Next comes the skeptic. Sure, you love sex with your wife now...but what about 10 years from now? 25 years? You've got your priorities all wrong if you're enjoying sex with your wife and telling people about it. Either that...or you're lying! You're trying to present your marriage as the perfect union and one-up everyone else. No way anyone having great sex with their wife is talking about way. You're hiding something. I don't know exactly what...but something. You call yourself a Christian! Hypocrite is what you are!

Pervert! I'll bet you're one of those internet porn junkies! You've got sex on the brain. I see you on your little phone. Bet you're checking out or some other sick website just planning on taking out your sexual frustrations on your poor, faithfully loyal wife. You make me sick! She'll get tired of your abuse and put a bullet in you one day. Just wait and see. Janie's got a gun you know...

Six words. Just six words can create a firestorm of reaction or repulsion. But why and why especially among Christians? God is the author of sex, and He even defines some specifics about the act of sex in His Word. Song of Solomon? Now there's an erotic story if ever there's been one right in our own Bible. Granted, I've never compared my beautiful wife's hair to that of a goat, but hey...those were different times and a different culture!

I'm convinced God wants His children to be happy, and there's tons of evidence to support my hypothesis. Sex is just one of those many reasons, as long as, the primary focus is always on Him and not on the flesh itself. Yet somehow, our society has managed to dilute the most intimate act possible between a husband and wife, an act of complete submission and delightful ecstasy, by shifting the focus away from being a wonderful gift from God to a celebration of temporary self-indulgence and evolutionary luck of the draw exemplified by the popular motto if it feels good do it.

I love sex with my wife, and I thank God for that! But, I'd still thank God just as exuberantly for my wife if sex wasn't part of the deal...


Tracy said...

OK Tony, you actually had me laughing out loud with this title - it's great!

Appreciate your balanced approach

Michelle said...

I can see Mrs. Tony C squirming now...

And I thought sex was just for reproduction? It's not?

Joyce Lighari said...

I've been married for over 32 years now and at the risk of being too personal, the answer to your question about 25 years from now is yes.

photogr said...

If you think about it Sex is instituted through a passion or desire of the flesh. It could be sparked by love or lust depending on your moral makeup. I guess this is fine as we inhibit our current flesh.

However, this all goes out the window as we die and are uplifted into heaven. I would have to think as we become spirits or angels in heaven, our fleshy desires or needs are no longer needed or functional. This would also include most of the essential functions we experience in the flesh.

Of course, we will all share the love and emotional concept of ones in our lives and God as well as recieve nourishment from God but it will not be what we are used to here on earth.

There will probably not be any marriages happening in heaven or the consumation factor or desires but only love far beyond what we have ever experienced in the flesh.

There is no conclusive evidence to my thoughts but they are a possible theory.

However I am certainly going to enjoy my sexual desires with my wife while here on earth.