Monday, January 3, 2011

The Curse of New

New years are a curse for me. Some things I don't want to start over. In fact I was happiest with 1982, and wish it could have lasted forever. Well at least I thought I was.

This week your beloved Kingdom Bloggers are writing about new beginnings - but not salvation.

The Bible is filled with "new" metaphors. Spring, rebirth, born again, be like a child, spring forth, fresh fallen snow and I am sure there are many more. Well, I don't like new unless it plugs into the wall, a USB port or smells like a new car. Personally, I prefer things that are antique, vintage, retro or aged to perfection. I am still using Windows XP Pro!

I often hear in Christian circles that God is the God of a second chances. I used to think that was true until I needed a third chance. Actually the Bible says that his mercies are new every morning. That is a refreshing thought for a guy like me.

I have had a few fresh starts, and I eventually ended up pretty close to where I had started. Grace is a beautiful thing. I went to three colleges, had a few dozen jobs, and belonged to a number of churches. I used to view new as exciting. At just past the half-century mark, I am trying to make time slow down!

A few months back, 6 in fact, I started going to a new church. (HERE is the story about how I got there.) I had gotten pretty disillusioned about going to any church,  the lack of commitment, the lack of relationship and religious behavior, that was not connected to God's power. I honestly didn't have much hope, but I liked the music and kept on going. It's a long drive to the church. It takes 1 hour, sometimes a bit more.

It was a another new start. Who knew how it would turn out. HERE is a story about what is going on there for me now.

The Bible says not to despise small beginnings. This church is a new beginning - maybe even a small one. If you read either of the other blogs, you be able to see that it is God. It is not like getting unhooked from drugs, or getting remarried - both of which I have done. It is like having another child, one that you were there for the delivery, and one that you can enjoy as it matures. I love kids. Each one of mine brings a different sort of joy.

I guess in truth, I am not looking for a vintage, a retro or an antique God. I am looking for one that charges my batteries, and transforms my life.


Joyce Lighari said...

That His mercies are new every morning - that's something I hold very tightly to... I need those mercies.

Tracy said...

That verse from the third chapter of Lamentations has long been one of my favorite since, like Joyce said above - I need those mercies.

As far as "stuff" goes, materials things, I'm with you on appreciating old stuff more than new.

photogr said...

Hey! At my age, I am thankful to just wake up every morning realizing I still have another chance to praise God.

Tony C said...

Thank God His mercy is new each dawning day!

I've stopped pressing my luck on that fact, well...most days, but I'm sure glad to know He is there to love me anew when I need it.

Blessings to you in 2011 David!