Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cost of a Soul? Just a Couple of Bucks

T. Austin Sparks said, "We just don't know the opposition to a man's soul." What he meant was this, there are legions of demons and other demonic forces that keep us from salvation. And that's not including the influences of this world!

This week, your Kingdom Bloggers are going to talk about an unexpected chance to witness the love of Christ to another. As much as I love what goes on in the church, I adore it when Jesus gets outside the walls!

On my third trip to Brazil I was part of a movement to transform cities and countries by the power of public prayer and fasting. I was traveling with a ministry named: The Call. The event in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, was entitled The Call Brazil. There were churches from all over the country that came to pray at their nation's capital. The informal national day of fasting and prayer took place from 6AM until 6PM on the mall surrounded by federal buildings.

We had arrived a few days before the event to pray and get to know the Brazilians that we would be serving. On a few of the days before the event, we prayer-walked the perimeter of the mall area. At one end there was bricked plaza near a museum and other monuments. It was nearly 90 degrees in the shade and probably 100 in the sun. At midday very few people ventured outside. We probably should have done the same - but this was our time to pray.

I was teamed up with 3 or 4 others praying as the Holy Spirit lead. As we walked the square where, in the shade of one of the monuments, was a lone ice cream vendor. just a few hundred yards a way. I decided we should probably get some water as I had run out in the intense heat. I approached the young man and spoke to him in Portuguese telling him that I needed a bottle of water. He took out one bottle and told me the price. "Duis reis (2 Reis)," he replied. I only had a $10 Rei bill and asked if he had change. He said that he didn't have any change because there was no business yet today.

I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit. If you know me, you know I am not very good at talking to people in public about Jesus; not to mention that my Portuguese is barely acceptable. I tried to remember some of my best Christian-ese in Portuguese. I told the vendor that he did have to make change for the $10 Rei bill if he would let me pray for him. He tried to offer me more water then I could carry. I told him it would only be a minute so he relented. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he bowed his head and closed his eyes. In Portuguese I asked God to bless Him and give him a drink of the living water (bebido aqua viva). I felt a supernatural heat in my hand and he started to shake a little. I prayed in the spirit for a minute or so. As I took my hand from his shoulder, he opened his eyes and there was a Brazilian woman standing there that we did not know. When I had thanked him for the opportunity I handed over the bill that I had promised.

The woman, waiting her turn, began to preach the Gospel to Him. She told Him that by the blood of Jesus, God would save his soul that day. "Agora! (Now!)," she shouted. "Aqui! (Here!), she said in a loud and passionate voice. He bowed his head and began to cry out "Jesus," as tears ran down his face. He accepted the Lord and gave her a hug. He turned to me and gave me the "thumbs up" sign.

5,000 miles from home, God was at work. The strange woman and the gringo... I believe the opposition can be beaten.

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Tracy said...

Our God really is the God of miracles. My eyes welled up as I read this; God is so good to reach out to us and bring us to Himself.