Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In anticipation of mother's day

Dr, Joyce
For the next few weeks, in honor of Mother's Day, we are going to be talking about Godly women.  First, those Godly women in our lives who shaped us - could be our moms or other women whose love and influenced help make us who we are.  Next week, our focus will shift to the heroes of faith in the Bible who are female.  We'll look first at those from the Old Testament and then those from the New Testament.

While writing has been slow by your KBers, and we apologize, let me give you a brief update.  I finished my doctoral degree completely - no more hoops or obstacles, I'm Dr. Joyce now.  My graduation ceremony was last Saturday and on that day we had a HUGE banquet type party to celebrate that, and our 35th Wedding Anniversary that is actually in February.  I've been exhausted.  And no break from work, so, I apologize again for being slow with writing.  I got to see all my children and hold for the first time my two great granddaughters, the twins.  I also got to see again one of my other great granddaughters - the other two great grandbabies couldn't make it -- Most of the grandkids were there as well!
Super Nana Joyce

Linda is here with me in Tennessee.  I've exhausted her as well.  Hopefully she'll recover enough to resume writing this week.

Jenna is taking a break from KB.  She is going to be using her time for other writing efforts.  We will miss her strong positive outlook and fun approach to life.  We wish her all of God's best in everything she does.

Rather than write a new post, I invite you to read a former posting about Godly women - you can read about her here.

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