Monday, September 27, 2010

Jesus Takes Your Questions

Jesus was questioned about fasting, what to do with the woman taken in adultery, how to be born again, taxes and divorce. It seemed his disciples only had to have thought that was a question and Jesus would answer it. (Mark 2:8)

This week your faithful Kingdom Bloggers are going to write about a question they have asked Jesus.

The Lord has answered many questions for me over the decades. I am comfortable with salvation, Heaven, and with who's going and who's staying. Spiritual gifts and answered prayers are common place for this Christian. I know that God is preparing a move for us, but I don't know how He is going to accomplish it, but I am certain He will carry it out just as He has spoken.

I have kids of various ages. Like most parents I am concerned about the choices they make, yet I know He is in control. Another prophetic word that I received in 2000 is fulfilling itself for the older two as I type this. I am secure in knowing that He loves them, and they know where He is. I am excited about where they are going in life regardless of the path they take.

It is interesting as I was thinking about the topic, I didn't have any pressing questions - well except this one.

Jesus, what must I do to see more people healed? I see some healing, and yet, compared to the meeting that You did where every one was healed, I am seeing only a small percentage of folks that ask for healing prayer, get healed. What must I do?

I know the Bible says desire the gifts. Let me say "Oh God I want this one!" The Bible says to have faith, and I have seen enough healing that I know it happens; it happened again at church yesterday. Glory! And of course, if you want to see folks healed, you have to pray sick people; I do. Jesus, what must I do to see more people healed?

I don't know about you, but we are commanded to heal the sick (Matthew 10:8), and I want to!

Here is video from Mobile, AL. Delia Knox who was 22+ years in a wheelchair from an accident had no feeling in her legs. Here she is walking after all that time. God healed her. HERE is the original video shot when she was still in a wheel chair, check it out about 4:51!

How about you, do you want to be used by God to heal the sick?


Joyce said...

Absolutely, and I have been. I understand the concept of always asking, I learned it in a painful way. We must always ask for healing - how and when God manifests that healing is not our concern, ours is just to ask. Here is where you can read where I learned this lesson

photogr said...

Any one with love and compassion for others naturally wants the gift of healing. When one doesn't have that gift, passionate prayer in Jesus name for the afflicted is an alternative.

Only through God's grace shall we ever have the gift of healing. And I think He might be rather selective on who He awards that gift to.