Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saint Peter

 "Ok, I mean, we tried all night and didn't catch anything, but even with you being a carpenter, we'll try again  ((sigh)).  It was then Peter got convicted and asked for forgiveness, it wasn't after he listen to Jesus teaching.
Luke 5.5-8

"Pffft, if that's really you Jesus, make it so I can walk on the water, too." Peter said. "Sure," Jesus replied.  After a few steps Peter got spooked, started sinking and begged Jesus to not let him drown.
Matthew 14:28-31

"Come over here Jesus, let me break it down to you the way its really gonna be," Peter said confidently. And before he could go into too much detailed Jesus scolded him, "Shut up, devil! You're don't know what your talking about."
Matthew 16.22-23

Peter was really quick with the mouth and his actions.  He was confidant or arrogant or both.  He is a dude I can relate to very much.  My mouth has gotten me in trouble and I have gotten out in front of the Lord and told Him to 'catch up'.  I am confidant in my Savior, my knowledge of the Kingdom and in myself, which often gets mistaken as being cocky or a punk.

What I think I have most in common with Peter is his ability to put things behind him and keep working for the Kingdom.  This dude messed up a lot when hanging with Jesus and he also messed up even after Jesus ascended. But he just kept at it. This is the same guy that would  preach the first sermon (Acts 2.14), understand that Jesus had come to save everyone (Acts 10.34), and he also was the first to see Holy Spirit fall upon outsiders (Acts 10.44-48).  Peter did not let his mistakes beat him down or allow himself to feel unworthy of doing the work of the Kingdom.

Two verses that I have 'built' my Faith upon can be attributed to Peter.  Two verses that have given me courage to speak up when I knew others didn't hear what I had to say.  Two verses that helped me forge my own identity in Christ, so that my  identity would be in Jesus and not in a  church, a pastor or anyone else.

But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.
Acts 5.29

Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.
Acts 10.34

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