Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Technology in My Life--Seven Favorites by Jenna Vick Silliman

With the technology of my i-pod full of awesome worship music, plugged into a boom box with an aux cord, I dance with my white flags and "make His praise glorious." (See Psalm 66:2.)

1.       I like how technology helps me connect with people all over the world. I have friends in Germany, Canada, Vermont, Florida, and New Zealand and many more places. We have sweet fellowship over the phone, through texting, Facebook messaging, Facebook posting, and by e-mail. I love to hear what God is doing in their lives and how He is speaking to them through Scripture and through life. I feel rich when I think about all my awesome friends!
2.       Music is everything to a dancer. My i-pod with thousands of songs, all organized with a “menu” and my own playlists, will never cease to amaze me. I have it with me wherever I go and by plugging it into my boom box with an aux cord, I am ready to worship and dance everywhere I go. At our home church we enjoy music from bands all over the world—the very best! I am so thankful for our awesome worship music when we gather. With the technology available, I have so much awesome music to explore, enjoy, and share with the touch of a button or two!
3.       I have an active curiosity and I love to learn and discover new things in all different arenas. Life is so interesting. School is always in session. I like how I can ask any question in the world and get answers! As a dancer, I enjoy learning from other dancers on the Internet. They are available to teach me whenever I am ready.
4.       Technology has helped me study the Scriptures and discover deeper meanings of words and contexts and what God is saying. I like to search out a passage that God is using to speak to me. What fun to explore on the Internet what the Word is saying!
5.       Something I used to hate is now a fun time--standing in lines waiting for my turn at the check-out in grocery stores. It seemed like such a waste of time. Now I just use my cell phone and get on Facebook and start “liking” my friends’ posts or I go to the Internet and check out something or I go to You-Tube and watch something. Thanks to the technology of “smart phones” this dead time is now filled. Yay for technology!
6.       I love photographs. I have an awesome collection going on my laptop and I add to it every week. I see what others are posting on Facebook, or I go to Google Images, or the Internet and I “save” on my computer the pictures that speak to me.  One of my favorite things to post on my Facebook is a picture with a Scripture and/or an inspirational thought or quote.  My cell phone has an awesome camera and it is so fun to take pictures and “share” them on Facebook or sending them on to my friend’s phones. Pictures speak a thousand words—or more!
7.       I am a writer and a communicator. My laptop is portable and easy to grab and start writing. My website with my blog , my Facebook, my e-mail, and my blog here with Kingdom Bloggers all give me outlets for creative expression. I just checked my blog and in February, just last month alone, I had 547 readers. Thanks to technology I can share with all these people what God has put on my heart. I have many wonderful opportunities to express myself and the abundant life of Jesus!

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nice post jenna!