Monday, May 9, 2011

You Might Never Have Known...

Your Kingdom Bloggers have been busy in their not so virtual realties with all sorts of things from work to school and just plain life. This week we are going to take it easy on ourselves and answer a couple of simple questions about us. We are all very much relational, while social networks and blogs fill part of that need for each of us.

If you are a regular reader, you have read many "Christian" topics from our favorite books and verses in the Bible, to our conversion stories. We have tracked with holiday themes both religious and American - oh, and we wrote about sex! Today we are going to have a little fun and let you in on a few lesser known details about the Fab 5, better known as Kingdom Bloggers. I am sure you have been thinking, "Who are these people, they can't go to church all the time!"

Most of us have received a list of question via email or Facebook to tell others more about who we are. Here are a few tidbits you won't find in Trivial Pursuit. We hope that you'll comment and with your answers so that we can get to know you a little better. Of course, I am going to go first.

- What's your favorite candy bar? Payday

- What's your favorite song (post a link!)? Party - Chris Tomlin

- What sports or activities have you participated in, or do enjoy watching on TV? Hockey, motocross, downhill skiing. I watch Boston basketball and hockey if I have time. Go Bruins and Celtics! And I like politics.

- What was your first job? Busboy at a local upscale restaurant.

- What sort of work do you get/last received pay for? Software programming

- What's the last great book you read? Like a Mighty Wind - Mel Tari

- When I have free time away from family and work, I like to _________ . Play music, walk along the Charles River or the beach, and blog!

- You need to know three things about my family, and they are __________ . I have 3 girls, Zöe, Erin and Charlotte; ages 23, 20 and 7, I met Mary Anne 10 years ago, and we have three dogs.

- The town I live in is ___________? Just 15 miles west of downtown Boston, 40% Hispanic, and gets about 80-100 inches of snow each year.

- What version of the Bible do you read the most? The Message or New King James.

How about you, care to share a few answers?

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Tracy said...

It's fun to get to know you a bit better